Scent Marketing for Gyms and Fitness Centres

People workout for many reasons - better sleep, better memory, to lose weight, to feel good emotionally, reduce stress etc. And they have many choices when it comes to choosing fitness centres. Could scent marketing make your fitness centre unique? The answer is a resounding YES!.

The physiological and psychological benefits of exercise workout are plenty. The fact is scents can trigger such benefits as well. Hence, scent marketing systems have become essential equipments in fitness centres. Fitness centres use proprietary scents to spice up customers' workout experience, and keep these customers coming back for more. This eventually leads to membership growth and retention for the fitness centres. And ultimately, fitness centres become the "third place" between home and office in the lives of these customers.

This is why scenting has become an essential marketing strategy for modern fitness centres, gym, yoga, pilate, aerobics workout and dance studios. Besides enabling members to enjoy their hour or two of workout, scents can also impress new customers and increase their likelihood of taking up a membership.

Suggested applications for scents: In the main work out areas, changing rooms, studios where yoga / aerobics classes are conducted, customer service lobbies.