Do I need to renovate my premises?
In 99% of the cases, the installation is straight forward and does not require any renovation in your premises. Our consultant will advise you appropriately once a site survey has been done.

Do I need any license to implement scent in my premises?
No. Our fragrance are tested safe and approved by the relevant authorities. You do not require license to implement scents in your premises, just as you need not require license to wear perfumes. And should there be a need for a works permit before we can install the scent system in your premises, we would liaise with the facility manager of your premises/buildings.

How much space is required to house your scent system? And is it noisy?

Our scent system only requires a small foot print similar to the size of a typical desktop computer tower. Our scent system operates in the background, whisper quiet. The beauty is that although nobody would see or hear it, but everyone will surely notice the beautiful fragrance in your premise.

How often do you need to service the scent system?
Our scent system is maintenance-free. However, we would visit your premise once a month to inspect the system. This will ensure that our system operates optimally to give the best scent experience within your premise.

Will my entire premise be scented?
For the best results, yes, we recommend the scent to be distributed uniformly throughout your entire space. However, JJ Mervin is able to implement spot scenting on specific areas of your premise if this is desired.

How are air fresheners different from scent delivery systems?

Both of them serve different purposes. Air Fresheners are small perfume dispenser units ideal for scenting a personal space or small enclosed rooms. On the other hand, Scent Delivery Systems are heavy-duty systems capable of delivering scents consistently and accurately throughout an entire day in any air-conditioned environment (regardless of the size of the premise) and they are the only way in which fragrance can be implemented in large public access areas such as retail stores, lobbies, showrooms, corporate offices.